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Cleethorpes Community Sport and Education is a Charity that was established in 2017 with the aim of bringing the community of Cleethorpes and the wider Borough of North East Lincolnshire together, regardless of social-economic background, age, religion, disability, or race, via the provision of community bonding, education and sport.

Our operations are overseen by the Board of Trustees, and we're funded exclusively by grant funding and generous donations.

If you would like to donate to our charity, please hit the button below. We appreciate any donations or support we receive.

Matthew Brown - Chair of the board of trustees
Gary Lusty - Trustee
Tom Brookes - Trustee
Amanda Carroll - Trustee
Andy Cox - Executive Director
Ruhal Alom - Trustee
Jamie Crawford - Trustee

Mission Statement

Cleethorpes Community Sport and Education provides a hub which creates opportunities and facilitates community cohesion.

We are driven to inspire all generations to engage in active and healthy lifestyles through sport, education, and physical well-being.

We are determined to create educational opportunities and to enhance the prospects of our community.

Our Values


Supporting each other in everything we do, to encourage and have a sense of belonging.


Never give up even in the face of adversity, build confidence and help overcome challenges.


Celebrating everyone’s differences, help boost self-esteem and achieve personal goals.


Helping to build strong and healthy relationships, learn and develop.

Meet the Team

"Great things ... are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people"
- Steve Jobs

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